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タグ:ディクテーション ( 11 ) タグの人気記事

K: Do you think the shows that you played on this particular tour was a lot different from any of your previous tours? And the shows you played in Japan?
particular = (形)特別な
previous = (形)以前の、前回の
defferent from any of~ = ~とは違う

Pat: Oh, I think they were different for the reasons am... that there's a kind of a different circumstance.
But then they're the same as well.
Theres sameness of it in that our fans were great we love playing for 'em, and all the shows were a big success.
But there was also, Eric our singer talked about it being kind of a bit of a roller coaster cause the emotions would run very high but then they would also, kind very ah... calm and serene and solemn.

Because of the you know the tragedy that happened.
And, ah we're just glad to contribute to the You know "carrying on " and keeping forward and moving on with getting your life back together and getting some normality back in your life.
So that's why were that was love that we were able to come and play our shows for our fans.

circumstance = (名)周囲の事情、環境
but then = とはいうものの一方では、そうは言っても
as well = おまけに、その上、なお
sameness = (名)同一性、類似
in that = ~と言う点において、~であるから
'em = them

a bit of = 少しの~、ちょっとの
roller coaster = めまぐるしく変化すること

calm = (名)静けさ、平穏
serene = (形)静かな、穏やかな
solemn = (形)厳粛な、儀式ばった

tragedy = (名)悲劇、惨劇
contribute = 貢献する、寄付する

carry on = 続ける、 頑張れ
keep forward = 前進し続ける
move on = 先へ進む

normality = (名)正常
that's why = それが~の理由、そんなわけで~だ

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4/29 K's Transmission

PG: Arigato~ Hello Sakazaki san! Ohisashiburidesu!
K: You don't living in Komagome you lost time?
PG: Ima Los Angels.
K: Pat topey!
Pat: Hello, hello, hello, hello!
K: Nice to meet you.
P: Nice to meet you. Glad to be here.
K: Yeah, very looking forward today.
P: Us too.

K: How many shows did you play in Japan this time?
Pat: Ten. Yes. We were gonna do 11.
But Sendai had to be canceled.

K: You went to Morioka to Iwate?

PG: Yeah, that was a great show. So nice to see people there.

K: You know, they were very happy that you came you know as you know many foreigners are kind of having reservation about coming to Japan at the moment but here you are I think you made people happy.

PG: We really wanted to come. And, We really trust our promoter.
He did they did a lot of research and told us that it was safe and the fans wanted to see us.
So we were extremely happy to come.

had to be~ = ~しなければならなかった
as you know = ご存知の通り
reservation(名) = 差し控える、遠慮する
trust = 信頼する、~に任せる
extremely(副) = 極めて、非常に


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What If... Special DVD 2-5

What If... I could be~=もし~できたなら
most of the time= ほとんど
come up with=「アイデアなどを」思いつく、考え付く、考え出す
There's a lot=色々ある
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11-01-22 PRT (2)<意味>

11-01-22 PRT (2)

combination of=組み合わせ
feed off=(情報などを)得る

kind of =みたいな、まぁまぁ(断定を避ける、表現を和らげる)
kinds of= たくさんの、さまざまな
kind of off=いってみれば...
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11-01-22 コスモポップスベスト10

I'm on~=~をしています。
I'm on a diet.ダイエットをしています。

put your~=~しろ
put your hands=手を上げろ!

geez=gee なんてことだ~!

I gotta~=~しなきゃ
by teiku_big | 2011-02-22 22:18 | MR.BIG

11-01-22 PRT (1) 意味

11-01-22 PRT (1)
greet(他動)=~に挨拶する、 迎える
I spent~=~をかけて、費やした
never left =離れなかった
It' meant to be=そうなる運命だ
You've done=協力、お世話になりました
Thanks for having me~=お招きありがとう
S get to V=(~)ができる (~)→はいろんな意味がある
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kind of 口ぐせ

・you know(y'know)=「わかるだろ」「やっぱりさぁ」、「あのねぇ」
・I mean,=「っていうか」、「つまり」、「~じゃなくて」
・kind of(kinda)=「なんとなく」、「なんだか」、「ちょっと」
・I- ah...(It's-ah, We-ahなど)=「ええと」、「そのぅ」、「実はそのぅ」



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What If... Special DVD 2-5 ~Pat Torpey~

Well I think... Um... It's means "What If" I could do this or would it be y'know like it's a...
When I was very young and wanted to be a drummer.
I at one point said to myself "What If" I could be on stage to playing to 10,000 people.
"What If" I could be in a band and be the drummer and sing back up vocals.
Y'know ah... most of the time when you're coming up with some inspirations.
There's a lot people around you that say "No, you'll never be able to do that."
Y'know, It's lot of that it's I think sometimes more people trying discourage you.
It's just a human condition.
And so I like the, the idea behind "What If" is, is just that it's like
"What If" I could do that.
"What If" you did this.
"What If" tried that.
And so I think it's a really good a positive message and it also.
It's ... not about the past.
It's about the future.
"What If" this keeps going on and on it's like a forward.
Y'know, don't worry about what happend back here.
It's "What If" coz "What If" is all forward.
Cause you really can't change what gonna has happened.
You can only change what's going to happen.
So, That it's kind of it.
It's about ideas.


~~Thanks, Mr.C~~

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11-01-22 PRT (2)

Power Rock Today 11-01-22
(MR.BIG interview 2) ~Pat Torpey

Masa: Pat, Have you ever thought, why was the album accepted so much in Japan?

Pat: I, I don't know it ...
Masa: Of course good song?
Pat: Well...
Masa: Good performans?
Pat: Yeah, Its a combination of things.
I mean... um, We make a record that we like because we're kind of fans of all kinds of or different kinds of music and I think it's kind off because, or our enthusiasm our for it is contagious and then we feed off them.
So it's like a circle that just keeps pointing a round round.
(* * *.)
I guess...
Eric-san: Yeah!!
Pat: Ha ha ha ha...

Pat: Ah...
First of thanks Masa for having us.
And to all our fans out there thanks very much.
We're really so grateful to be able to come back to Japan.
So many times and here we are again.
Going on for our next decade with Japan.
It's hard to believe.
So we want to see everybody out at all the shows and we'll do our best for ya!

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11-01-22 コスモポップスベスト10

I'm on shaker and drums Pat Torpey here.

It was really good.
It was really was like he just came and kind of said.
I want you guys to play just put your heart and soul in it.
It wouldn't and that's what we did.

Well, geez.
I just want to say thanks to all our Japanese fans.
I feel like the luckiest man alive.
To be able to keep doing this and we're coming back in April and, Thanks so much for bringing us back we wouldn't be here without you!!

I got one word.
"Zoo Wee Mama."
Zoo we back.
We'll be back.

~~Thanks, Mr.C~~


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