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Pat Torpey - Exclusive OnlineDrummer.com Interview

I had the good fortune to spend some time in the company of Pat Torpey, the drummer of Mr. Big when they played a one-off show in London back last September. The following is a transcription of the interview.
exclusive(名) = 独占記事、スクープ
good fortune = 幸運
spend time = 時を過ごす
following = ファン
transcription = (書き)写すこと

Pat, welcome to onlinedrummer.com. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us.
What influenced you to pick up a pair of sticks and start drumming?

influence(名) = 影響

I was about 7 or 8 years old, and my family used to go to this local picnic event with a live Polka band. I was able to sit behind them and look down on the drummer, right on the top of him, and so from that vantage point I could see what he was doing, and I thought, "Wow that looks like fun!"
look down = 見下ろす、のぞき込む
behind = 後
on the top of~ = 見晴らしのいい

That was my first memory of when I can remember wanting to play the drums. I went to my Mother and said “I wanna play the drums,” and she gave me that look that parents give you, you know the “Oh yeah sure you do... you’re 7 years old”.
sure you do = やってみなさい

So from there I kind of held on to that dream. I’d fashioned some drum sticks from a couple of sticks out of the yard. I carved them and drew my name on them with a magic marker, you know the kind of thing an aspiring kid would do.
kind of = みたいな、まぁまぁ(断定をさける)
held on(hold on) = つかんだ
out of ~ = ~から外へ
carbe = 彫る
aspiring(形) = 向上心に燃える、 意欲的な

Did your parents give you a certain time limit when you could practice on your drum kit? My parents would say I had an hour a day.
certain(形) = いくらか

My mother had gotten me a snare, some sticks and a practice pad. I had to prove to her that it wasn’t a fleeting thing. So she eventually told me when I graduated from grade school as a graduation gift that she would buy me a drum kit.
prove = 証明する
fleeting(形) = つかの間の、いつしか消え去る
eventually(副)= 最終的には
graduate = 卒業する
grade school = 小学校

My mother worked, and I was the eldest. I have younger sisters, and during the day I was meant to be taking care of them, but most of the day I was in my room playing my drums, and they were outside doing whatever. Luckily they never had any bad accidents whilst I was responsible.
eldest = 一番上の
dring the day = 日中に
most of the day = 1日のほとんどを
whilst = while
responsible(形) = 責任がある

I never really had any restrictions on my practice. I could sit there and listen to records and figure it out. I’m a self-taught player.
restriction(名) =制限
figure it out = 考える
self taught = 独学の

younger sisterってあるけどおねいさんがいるんじゃなかったかな?

by teiku_big | 2011-07-03 22:55 | MR.BIG | Comments(0)

Billy ぷんぷん

Stage managers utterly  incompetent and downright stupid,
We played on in spite of them! Woo Hoo!
They did their best to screw-up our show. And FAIlED!

Billy 先生がお怒りのご様子です( ̄□ ̄;)!!
Swaziland で何があったんでしょうか?スタッフのミス?時間、間違えたとか?

downright (副)=全くの、徹底的な
(=idiotic/ dumb/ dull/ slow/ silly/ foolish)
←→ intelligent/ bright
in spite of~(前)=~にもかかわらず
screw-up =失望させる、へまをする人、大失敗

stupid (Duo参考)


by teiku_big | 2011-06-29 23:59 | MR.BIG | Comments(0)



Hi Everyone...

We are excited to introduce, LIVE EROM THE LIVING ROOM, a new style of entertainment to expand the musical horizons of MR.BIG.

If you ever saw a MR.BIG rehearsal, you quickly recognize that it is quite different from what we do on tour - totally without structure and lotw of surprises.
We love to play cover songs and work on many different arrangements of our greatest hits. It is full of fun and certainly puts big smiles on our faces!

We've always wanted to share this fun, smiles and laughs with our fans, and this time around, when we had the opportunity to put forth our ideas of doing something different and unipue, our Japanese team supported the idea and helped us realize it! The title "LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM" came from Eric and describes perfectly this unique Mr. Big performance!

There is only one rule to this plan. In order to differentiate LIVE FROM THE LIVING ROOM from any other "normal" MR.BIG shows, a living room needs to be created as the background and we need our fans close and freeling as they are in our house! That's all. Everything else is freeform - and we will do whatever we want, planned or not planned, and we think this could be an ultimate event for our fans.

So, please come and join us inMR.BIG's living room! We can't give you roller coasters nor Ferris wheels, but we will certainly give you the best, most unique experience in our musical amusement park!

Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, Paul Gilbert, Pat Torpey

by teiku_big | 2011-02-27 21:57 | MR.BIG | Comments(0)